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Use Our Studs
our studs are available for live cover or shipped chilled/frozen 


Our studs are available for live, fresh chilled (shipped or side/side), or frozen shipped. 

We use Button Veterinary Services, Dr. Button or Red Hills Veterinary, Dr. DJ for sample evaluations and collection/AI/ shipping processes. 

Brucellosis can be done in-house at Button Veterinary or Salt Creek Veterinary.  Please let us know if you need their numbers. 

Progesterone can be done in house at Red Hills Vet, we are happy to take your female if she is staying with us. 

Our stud fees are the following (this is based on availability, titling, future titling/events, and co-own agreements):

Trigger: $3500  (frozen only)

Poncho: $2500 (live, chilled or frozen)

Bridger: $2500 (live or frozen)

Ruger: $2200 (live)

Phil: $2000 (live, chilled or frozen)

Colt: $1800 (live or chilled)

Zen: $1200 (live or chilled)

* We would also consider Pick of Litter for using these fellas!

Live Cover

*Negative Brucellosis test needed*


 If you choose to do live cover then you will need to update us when your female is in heat or expected. We prefer to have your female come visit starting on day 9, unless you choose to do progesterone testing to know her ovulation and best days. If you choose to board your female with us, we do have designated spaces so that she will not come in direct contact with our dogs, except the stud.

There will be a boarding fee of $20/day that your female is with us for live cover due before or on pickup.


Please bring her:

- Food



*Your female will not come in to contact with any of our other dogs except the sire. She will be crated in a Large Ruffland Crate in our home.


*With live cover, we will expose your female once a day at least and aim for at least 3 ties.


Our male dogs are tested routinely for brucellosis and we require every female to be tested prior to coming here. If you want us to test our male for your female specifically, we can do it but we will need a heads up so we can schedule a visit with the vet. 

Fresh or Chilled semen

SHIPPING SEMEN: If you chose to have us ship fresh semen then the collection will be collected and prepared in house. It is assessed by Dr. Button or Dr. DJ prior to shipping, so we know it is good enough to ship.

Frozen semen is prepared and shipped by the veterinarian that is hosting our frozen. We use a clinic in MT as well as one in TX. 

We will need at least 72 hours to schedule a drop off at the vet for assessment. We have shipped dozens of time with very good success.


The cost for this is approx $400 + stud fee which includes shipping, packaging, + vet fees. We use racehorse extender at a 1:3 or 4  ratio to ship.


We can send to you or to your vet. We do guarantee that when it reaches your vet there are still swimmers and it is quality to place in to your female. If it is not, we will refund any expenses minus the shipping cost. There are no refunds on shipping costs, as this is your choice to ship semen not travel for live cover, we cannot guarantee how it is handled in transit and on delivery with your vet. 

*Please contact for availability

FROZEN SEMEN: We currently have frozen available for a couple of our males. We are open to selling for immediate use or selling it for you to store for later use. Either way, the price for this is the stud fee + collection cost + shipping cost (usually $600-1000 total). We need at least 72 hours in advance for shipping.

Studs available for use

Live Cover in Gillette, WY:

Poncho, Bridger, Phil, Colt,

Live Cover in Billings, MT:


Chilled Semen (fresh collect for side/side or shipped):

Poncho, Bridger, Phil, Colt, Zen

Frozen Semen:

Poncho, Bridger, Trigger, Phil

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